Tanuki (狸) is a bakedanuki (raccoon-dog with spiritual powers) that can transform into a metal wall with a human face. It is introduced in chapter 16 of the manga, where it protected Kensuke from its mate, which was corrupted by a Sesshouseki, hoping to prevent her from killing. Unfortunately, the extraction of its Sesshouseki result in the demise of its mate. Since then, Tanuki has stuck on to Kensuke, becoming a loyal sidekick of sorts to the latter. Tanuki's wall form is surprising sturdy, capable of withstanding even a missile and even laser emitting from the Kyuubi's defense system, QB9. It has a pouch and bell resembling that of Doraemon from the anime of the same name, with a similar facial structure. In later chapters, Tanuki now dons a cape as well. It also encourages Kensuke to keep going after Kagura. In chapter 52, Kensuke calls Tanuki "Boko" to which it responded, suggesting that this might be the name that Kensuke has decided for it.