Shizuru Imawano
Heir of the Juugondō




Setsuna Imawano

Shizuru Imawano (忌野 静流 Imawano Shizuru) is a mysterious girl who first encounters Kensuke at school, and then corners him in the bathroom. She demonstrates knowledge of the sesshōseki and threatens him with a gun, but then flirts with him.


It seems as though she has blond hair and blue eyes. She dresses up preppy and has a sesshōseki of her own on a necklace.


She is the heir to the criminal organization known as the Juugondō.She has been forced to kill from a young age, and feels that there is no way out of the path set for her as heir to a criminal organization, explicitly shown after her elder sister, Setsuna, kills their father. 

Powers and WeaponsEdit

Shizuru is very competent with a gun, and is shown to have excellent markmanship from when she silenced Kensuke by intentionally shooting at his forehead in an instant with her arms chained together, and only causing a presumably shallow wound on the side of his head. Shizuru's hand-to-hand combat ability is equal to Kagura, as the two passed out simultaneously after defeating each other. She is shown to be ambidextrous, alternating a gun and her knife between her left and right hands respectively.