Ranguren(乱紅蓮)/Nue (鵺) is Yomi's spirit beast, below Shizuru's Kuroford on the Spirit Beast Rankings. Despite this, it is one of the most powerful spirit beasts in the series, and has been known to battle Shiro, considered the mightiest of the spirit beasts, equally on more than one occasion. Nue is the japanese equivalent term for chimera, a mythical beast having different animals as its

Yomi Isayama with Ranguren

body parts, like a lion for its head and snakes as tails.

Rangoren is bound to the Isayama family's heirloom, the exorcism sword Shishio, which has been passed through the Isayama line for generations to its current wielder, Yomi Isayama, who, as an adopted child, is an outsider to the bloodline. It's most common attack is the "Roar Wave", which it blasts at foes to devastating effect; it can also fly, leap to immense heights in a single bound and use its razor-sharp teeth and snake-mane to attack whoever Yomi has it target.